Klibur Domin was established in 2000 to relieve the suffering of Timorese people who were sick, disabled or destitute.

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Services at Klibur Domin include:

  • Treating patients who are either waiting or recovering from surgery, and others with medical conditions including TB, strokes, wounds, kidney failure, bone fractures and malnutrition.
  • Providing high care for Multi Drug Resistant TB patients
  • Accommodating elderly residents, some with disabilities
  • Detecting and treating TB in remote villages.
  • Supporting people with disabilities in remote villages as well as providing respite care for people with disabilities.

Klibur Domin has a mobile TB Team which visits outlying villages to conduct diagnostic tests and supervise treatment and medication.

There is also a Community Based Rehabilitation Team which identifies children and adults with disabilities living in outlying villages. This team provides assessments, therapy, equipment, and ongoing support for these people and their families, in their homes and at their schools.

Ryder-Cheshire Foundation New Zealand is raising funds to help build a new TB clinic at Klibur Domin.

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