The Services We Support

The Ryder-Cheshire Foundation raises funds for Ryder-Cheshire centres and the services they provide to neighbouring villages and towns.

These services are located in New Zealand, India and Timor-Leste.

While there are Ryder-Cheshire services in New Zealand, most of our fundraising efforts are for projects at Raphael in India and Klibur Domin in Timor-Leste.

We are most grateful to the generosity of donors who have made bequests in their will and this money has funded specific projects with the project carrying the name of the benefactor.

We need to set our sights high, to be satisfied with nothing less than the best, and to commit ourselves totally and unreservedly to participate in the struggle to build a more liveable world.

Leonard Cheshire
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Raphael provides care and services to children and adults with leprosy, intellectual disability and tuberculosis.

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Klibur Domin

Klibur Domin provides inpatient care, TB treatment and community-based rehabilitation for people with disabilities.

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